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Computer Peripherals

Computer Peripherals & Accessories are equipments connected to a computer. These equipments are added to a computer in order to expand its abilities. Although these devices are optional in nature, there are still devices that are demanded or always required. The main distinction of these peripherals is the way they are connected in your computer; they can be connected externally or internally. Some accessories can make you more efficient or productive and some are plain but can make you stylish and fun.

Digi-Smart Optical Mouse As-D004
Optical Mouse
Digi-Smart Flexible Keyboard
Fullmark Cd-Recordable Cd-R And Fullmark Cd-Rewritable Cd-Rw
Mouse Pad Foam
Mouse Pad
Optical Glass Monitor Filter
Glass Monitor Filter
Cd / Cd-Rom Lens Cleaner Kit Hl-604
Office Computer Cleaning Kits
Copy Holder Ch-411
Copy Holders
Digi-Smart Headset Hy-6530
Headsets / Earphones
Laptop Transparent Skin
Laptop Skin / LCD Screen Protector
Digi-Smart 1-Fan Foldable Laptop Cool Pad Yl-638
Laptop Cool Pad
Web Camera as-Wc02
Web Cam
Laptop Desk Tray & Accessories
Fish Design Usb 2.0 4-Port Hub AS-737
USB Port Accessories
Digi-Smart Hdmi Monitor Cable 3m
Cable & Cable Ties
Micro SD Card Reader Ktm-401
Card Reader
Ipad & Iphone Accessories
Universal Cell Phone Charger Ktm-602
Universal Charger
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  • HP
  • Fullmark
  • Casio
  • Kodak
  • Epson
  • Canon
  • Brother

Computer Peripherals