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Filing Folders & Binders

Filing folders and binders are useful for filing and holding papers to support a load full of documents. These are very useful in handling valuable, important papers and files. Folders can be use to hold papers together for a more organized and systemized file keeping. Using Binders can help you sort different kinds of papers with specific boundaries for easy access. Filing folders & binders are usually labeled of what's in it, that's why it's easy for you to find what you need and you already know where to find it.

Arch File Folder  Side Clip  7cm
Arch Files
3- Ring Binder  Hard Cover
Ring Binders
Clearbook - Fixed
Clearbook / Clearbook Refills
Lawanit Clipboard
Expanding Files
Cap & Clip File Case
File Case
Card Case
Card Case
Arch File Mechanism and 3-Ring Binder Mechanism
Arch File & Binder Mechanisms
Ring Binder Clear Sheet Protector
Clear Sheet / Binder Protector
Index Divider A-4 Assorted Color  5 Pcs Set
Index Divider / Index Tab
Book Binding Covers
Drawing Bag
Drawing Bag / Expanding Bag
Pvc Menu Holder
Menu Holders
Magazine File Carton
Magazine File Box / Rack
Double Desk Tray
Desk Tray / Multifunction File Data Case
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  • HP
  • Fullmark
  • Casio
  • Kodak
  • Epson
  • Canon
  • Brother

Filing Folders & Binders