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Office Gateway PH Site Map
Buyer's Guide
All Office Supplies
• Paper Supplies
Copy Papers & Bond Papers Specialty Board Papers Colored Bond Papers
Notebooks Post-Its & Stick Note Pads Computer Forms
Pad Papers Folders Record Book
Inkjet Photo Papers Newsprints Carbon Paper
Sticker Papers & Labels Mimeo Papers

• Writing Instruments
Ballpens Whiteboard Markers Sharpeners
Sign Pens & Gel Pens Highlighters Erasers
Pencils / Pencil Leads Correction Tapes & Fluids
Permanent Markers Crayons

• Filing Folders & Binders
Arch Files File Case Drawing Bag / Expanding Bag
Ring Binders Card Case Menu Holders
Folders Arch File Mechanisms Magazine File Box / Rack
Clearbooks Clear Sheet / Binder Protector Desk Tray / File Data Case
Clipboards Index Divider / Index Tab
Expanding Files Book Binding Covers

• Storage System
Cash Box Travel Strap Storage Box
Key House / Keybox Balikbayan Box

• Presentation Supplies
Whiteboards X-Banner & Easel Stand Magnetic Sheet
Corkboards Whiteboard Magnets & Erasers Acrylic Stand

• Office Business Machines
Paper Shredders Money Counter / Detector Typewriters
Binding Machines Adding Machine Calculator Checkwriters
Laminating Machines Bundy Clock / Time Recorder
Overhead Projectors Fax Machines

• Office Equipments
Staples / Staple Wires Sealers / Sealer Tapes Paper Cutter / Paper Trimmer
Punchers Digital Scale Stamps / Numbering Machines
Calculators Price Labeller / Tagging Gun Gun Tacker / Tacker Wires

• Adhesive Tapes
Scotch / Stationery Tapes Double Adhesive Tape Special Tapes
Packaging Tapes Warning Tapes Tape Dispenser

• Desk Organizers & Accesories
Desk Organizers Desk Pads
Drawing Tray Business Card Case

• Computer Peripherals
Optical Mouse Copy Holders USB Port Accessories
Keyboards Headsets / Earphones Cable & Cable Ties
CD-R / DVD-R Laptop Skin Card Reader
Mouse Pad Laptop Cool Pad Ipad & Iphone Accessories
Glass Monitor Filter Web Cam Universal Charger
Computer Cleaning Kits Laptop Accessories

• Art Supplies
Paint Brush / Palette Knife Compass
Paints / Watercolors Drawing Tubes

• Office & School Supplies
Paper Clips & Pins Directional Compass ID Straps
Fasteners Magnifying Glass Finger Moistener
Rubber Bands Tally Counter Pencil Case
Scissors Rulers / Protractors
Cutters / Cutting Mats Glues

• Printer & Imaging Supplies
HP, Epson, Brother Inks & Toners
Toner Supplies
Stencil Masters & Duplo / Riso Inks

• Office Furnitures
Office Tables
Office Chairs
Office Cabinets / Shelves

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Quick List of Office Supplies

Paper Supplies
Writing Instruments
Filing Folders & Binders
Storage System
Presentation Supplies
Office Business Machines

Copy Papers & Bond Papers
Pad papers
Inkjet Photo Papers
Post-it Notes

Sign Pens & Gel Pens
Pencil / Pencil Leads

Arch Files
Ring Binders

Cash Box
Keyhouse / Keybox
Travel Strap
Balikbayan Box
Storage Box

White Boards
X-Banner & Easel Stand
Whiteboard Magnets & Erasers
Magnetic Sheets

Paper Shredders
Binding Machines
Laminating Machines
Fax Machines

Office Equipments
Adhesive Tapes
Desk Accesories
Computer Peripherals
Art Supplies
Printing Supplies

Staplers / Staple Wires
Paper Cutter / Trimmer
Guntacker / Tacker Wires

Scotch Tapes
Packaging Tapes
Double Adhesive Tapes
Warning Tapes
Tape Dispensers

Pen Holders
Pencil / Drawing Tray
Desk Pads
Card Cases

Optical Mouse
Headset / Earphones
USB Port Accesories

Paint Brush
Drawing Tubes

Inks & Toners
Toner Supplies
Laminating Machines
Stencil Masters
Fax Film Ribbons